Digital Corps launches with 41 fellows across 13 agencies

The program, run out of the General Services Administration, is meant to help government woo early-career tech talent.

TSP participants bemoan bumpy recordkeeper transition

Federal employees and retirees have reported problems with setting up new accounts for online access to the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program, and the agency’s call center has been deluged.

White House internships will soon be paid

The move comes as part of an administration-wide push to improve the recruitment of young federal workers.

Tell us about your experience with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program

We’re looking for readers who want to share their experiences with the Education Department's debt relief.

Feds' vaccine mandate enforcement could be days away, but agencies are not yet prepping

The clock is ticking on a federal court to either hear another appeal on Biden's mandate or allow the administration to resume suspensions and firings.

Federal call center workers strike over pay, healthcare costs

Employees at Maximus call centers working on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services contracts, conducted a two-day strike this week seeking pay and better healthcare coverage.

OPM issues guidance on implementing Trump-era hiring policy

The U.S. Digital Service has also been embedding in agencies to help build internal competency-based hiring abilities in federal agencies.

More than 60 Democratic lawmakers want a 5.1% raise for feds

The lawmakers asked the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee to override President Biden’s plan to offer an average 4.6% raise for federal employees in 2023.

State Department taps assessment-based hiring process for data scientists

The department hit its applicant cap in one day after posting a job listing seeking 50 data scientists.

Questions to ask when hiring former federal workers

A new bid protest ruling describes some trouble spots companies could run into when hiring former government officials.

DISA is gearing up for the 'technician of the future'

A hybrid cloud environment demands a workforce that understands the “full spectrum of technologies, even if they only specialize in one of them,” according to a lead defense cloud official.

GSA seeks cyber expert for TMF

The Technology Modernization Fund program management office is continuing to scale up with a new position to help review cybersecurity projects.

OPM targets data and benefits education to improve equity in the federal workforce

The federal government HR agency’s report was one of more than 90 equity action plans released by the Biden administration this week.

OPM unveils new toolkit for agencies to hire cyber talent

A new resource hub from the Office of Personnel Management outlines what benefits agencies might be able to offer to fill cyber positions.

Worst-case scenario: Almost 13,000 federal facilities could be harmed by flooding

The Biden administration is looking at how the climate crisis will impact the federal budget and revenue.