White House

Nvidia, AMD caught in the middle of U.S.-China tech battle

The federal government added a new license requirement barring selling artificial intelligence chips to China and Russia to address potential national security concerns.

Traffic overwhelms student loan sites following Biden’s debt relief announcement

Student loan company Nelnet said providers received no advance warning about the White House’s loan forgiveness plan, contributing to confusion and site outages.

ONCD seeks a lead for U.S. defensive cyber planning and operations

The job posting follows remarks from National Cyber Director Chris Inglis last week about the importance of defense in cybersecurity.

National Cyber Director’s office sheds light on forthcoming cybersecurity strategy

Building a more resilient cyber ecosystem tops the list, according to a top official from the office tasked with leading the initiative. 

Lawmakers push Biden for an order to root out dark money from federal contractors

A group of lawmakers want the White House to issue an executive order requiring large federal contractors to disclose their political spending – but not everyone is in support of the idea.

Biden picks next Space Force chief

If confirmed, the missileer and satellite operator would become the newest service’s second leader.

Trump has endorsed a plan to purge the civil service of ‘rogue bureaucrats’

Former Trump staffers have said they have identified 50,000 federal employees who would be ousted under a new iteration of Schedule F during the next Republican administration.

Biden administration unveils website to help combat extreme heat conditions

Heat.gov includes interactive maps, forecasts and other resources to help officials and the general public cope with high temperatures.

The federal government plans to ‘step up our work’ on monkeypox after WHO declaration 

The Biden administration has faced pressure from lawmakers and others to do more on the outbreak.

President Biden nominates OSTP director

If confirmed, Dr. Arati Prabhakar would serve as the president’s chief science advisor.

Senator calls on Biden to fill OSTP leadership role

The Biden administration has not put forth a nominee for the Cabinet level position.

Biden uses the State of the Union to call feds back to the office

The president lays out new tasks for agencies in his address, along with ideas for where that work should take place.

Biden's Supreme Court pick comes with experience on federal employee issues

Ketanji Brown Jackson overturned a trio of Trump executive orders that had made it easier to fire federal employees and limited union bargaining rights. 

Part of Biden’s $15 contractor minimum wage order was temporarily halted

“This ruling helps more than 40,000 companies like Arkansas Valley Adventures who provide seasonal recreational services on federal lands,” said an attorney for the plaintiffs.

Legislation to expand federal contracting opportunities reaches president’s desk

The legislation aims to improve government contracting opportunities for small businesses but could have a major impact on governmentwide procurement. 

DHS official to chair Biden-ordered cyber safety review board

Cybersecurity professionals say the board needs subpoena authority in order to be effective.

Biden administration touts ‘significant progress’ in Made in America Office's first year

The office’s purpose is to coordinate federal efforts and maximize the use of domestic goods by taxpayer-funded federal agencies when appropriate.