Space runs on open source software. The U.S. Air Force is fine with that

Commercial space players don’t have the same security concerns as the Pentagon, but that doesn’t mean they can’t share code.

New USAF space buyer eyes fixed-price contracts

Frank Calvelli, the assistant secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition and Integration, said "fixed-price contracting is not a bad approach for space things" and could help keep acquisitions on time.

Lack of Space National Guard could hurt training, recruiting

National Guard directors are worried about losing key talent for space capabilities without the creation of a specified guard and reserve component.

NASA wants to expand data sharing with Space Force and commercial partners

The space agency's chief data officer explained the importance of making information exchanges a more consistent part of NASA culture.

Space Force to bring data scientists, coders on board this summer

The military’s newest service branch is in the final stages of selecting a group of tech-forward personnel.

CISA, FBI warn of Russian threat to satellite networks

Organizations are asked to report incidents they might ordinarily consider inconsequential to the government.

Lawmakers worry about cyber risks in space

Senators questioned the commanders of Space Command and Strategic Command on their plans to handle an increase in space-based threats.

SATCOM shift to Space Force stalled under CR

The U.S. Space Force’s plans to absorb all of the military’s satellite communications, including nearly 700 uniformed personnel from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, is delayed along with the rest of the military’s appropriation as Congress preps for a second continuing resolution in fiscal year 2022.

DOD looks for answers on GPS data spoofing

The Defense Department is looking for technology solutions to obviate the growing threat of location data spoofing targeting satellite-based systems.

Space Force focuses on building a digital workforce

The U.S. Space Force is focusing on building its cadre of super coders amid a workforce boon with more interested applicants than available positions, according to the branch's chief of space operations.

Space Command moves for tighter cyber integration

U.S. Space Command is standing up a dedicated joint cyber center to improve integration with U.S. Cyber Command.

Cyber, but in space

A White House memo proposes that space-based technology must have cybersecurity built in at the design stage while also allowing flexibility for operators to adapt on the fly.

Air Force wants $150 million for Space Force software pilot in 2021

The Air Force is staying on brand with its 2021 budget request for $150 million for a software and digital technology pilot program for the new Space Force.

Army Applications Laboratory: How problems get solved

Porter Orr, director of the capabilities accelerator team with Lab, explains how the Army connects with nontraditional problem solvers to close capability gaps and speed modernization.

Emerging small sats could complicate spectrum

While small satellites can expand broadband access, they will also fill increasingly crowded airwaves.

Lawmaker worried about DOD leadership shuffle

Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) worries U.S. defenses in space could be at risk due to lack of permanent leadership at the Pentagon.

Senators wonder why we need Space Force

Lawmakers are worried about more bureaucracy and overlap, and some missing pieces to the Space Force plan.