FDA has a role to play in software updates to medical devices

The Food and Drug Administration wants input from manufacturers and others about when a software update to a medical device would require premarket notification.

Forward with the dialogue on agile development

Steve Kelman considers and responds to ongoing discussions about agile software development.

Unraveling the agile development knot

A conversation with a CIO reveals some challenges and possible solutions for agencies contemplating or using agile development.

Agile development: A case in point

A CIO who came to government from the private sector turns to agile development to solve some thorny IT problems at DHS.

NIST could move to Drupal

Another proprietary system could be destined for the dustbin as NIST considers a move to an open-source option.

10 ways to make agile development work for you

GAO has identified 32 best practices for agencies to implement and manage agile software development. We showcase 10 of the best and point you to the rest.

3 steps for federal CIOs toward greater IT success

Inspired by the 25-point plan, a new white paper provides additional guidance to federal CIOs on how to make sense of the "firsts" policy.

How can software curb violent crime?

The ATF is looking for high-tech, interactive software than can help predict violent crime.

VanRoekel's open data strategy may have some limitations

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel is a strong supporter of APIs for government data, but a transparency group urges a broader perspective.

The fix for fraud that government isn't using

Continuous Transaction Analytics technology might help government in its war on waste, but an industry insider says not enough agencies use it -- or even know about it.

4 top tech skills for IT pros

Skills in cloud computing and mobile technologies could add to IT workers' pay.

VA could give MS Office the boot

Office is the government's dominant productivity suite, but the Veterans Affairs department would like to find a less expensive alternative.

Technology: Subsidized mobile devices and other hot concepts in 2012

By offering a stipend and a secure network connection, agencies will welcome employees' personal devices at work.

Analysis: How to cut intell budgets smartly

Deloitte's GovLab public sector research arm is recommending technologies and strategies to cut costs while maintaining capabilities.

Military health records system suffers outage after software upgrade

The Military Health System's AHLTA clinical data repository suffered a day-long shutdown after a software problem last week, affecting thousands of users.

DISA details streamlining plan for 2012

DISA is taking aim at enterprise capabilities, beginning immediately with combining offices to streamline and focusing on cybersecurity as a priority.

Do you succumb to mouse rage?

How many computer users ever yell at their machines? Maybe more than you would guess.