Federal Organizations Need a Mission First Network

Federal Organizations Need a Mission First Network

Ferreting out Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

<p>The latest on what auditors and other state and local watchdogs are doing to stop money from ending up in the wrong hands, or going to dysfunctional programs.</p>

Securing the Vote

Election Security and Modern Threats

What the Government Can Learn from Pandemic Fraudsters

Pandemic relief programs allowed agencies to quickly provide aid for millions of Americans and businesses — they also opened a gateway for fraud. Here’s how agencies can bolster their fraud prevention efforts.

Residency Services for Government

<p>IT innovation remains a high priority, and IT teams are challenged to maximize value from new solutions. With Residency Services, certified technical experts will help you achieve your businesses objectives and preferred outcomes. Directed by you, residents act like an extension of your IT staff to enhance your internal capabilities and resources, helping you adopt and adapt to your new technology so you start seeing ROI quickly.</p>

Automation in Action

<p>Nextgov highlights the impacts of automation technologies across federal agencies.</p>

Five Steps for Agencies Migrating off milCloud 2.0

<p>With the Defense Information Systems Agency set to sunset its cloud services contract by May, agencies must plan to migrate all workloads to a new cloud environment. While this task may seem daunting, it is in fact an opportunity for agencies to rethink their cloud configurations to introduce more agility and better security. Here are five steps to help agencies move smoothly, securely and strategically from on premises to software-as-a-service.</p>

How Google Cloud AI Solutions Helped Hawaii Handle Post-Pandemic Tourism

The pandemic’s impact prompted a slew of technological needs some state and local governments had never before considered, but now can’t move forward without. To adapt, governments are adopting Google Cloud’s scalable, digital solutions that can be deployed cross-systems and automate sluggish manual processes, while providing citizens with the consumer-facing services they expect.

How Government Agencies Are Using Data to Transform Social Services

Technology can improve equity and access to services. With AI-powered and data-driven solutions, Google Cloud is helping the government provide better opportunities to the people who need them most.

How AI/ML Tools Help State and Local Governments Improve Citizen Experience, Claims Management

Technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning and other tools can help agencies fast-track efforts to better process claims and improve the user interface in meaningful ways.

The Business Value of Red Hat Training

<p>Learn what IDC found when they researched the impact of Red Hat Training and Certification on IT staff skills, performance, and productivity levels.</p>

Red Hat Virtual Training and Certification Options

<p>Build and validate Red Hat technologies skills from anywhere with virtual training and certification options. Get all the details in this datasheet.</p>

Red Hat Services Journey: Automation Adoption

<p>Find out how Red Hat Consulting experts help customers define a unified automation strategy focused on their unique business needs. Your download awaits.</p>

Red Hat Services: Container Adoption Journey

<p>Learn how Red Hat&reg;&nbsp;Services delivers an advanced container platform approach with training and support to modernize and streamline app delivery.</p>

The Business Value of Red Hat Certification

<p>Find out IDC research results on the business value of Red Hat&reg;&nbsp;Certification and the impact it can have on IT operations and infrastructure costs.</p>

What You Can Do Now to Prepare and Persevere through the Next Cyber Attack

<p>The crawl-walk-run approach is applicable for many of the massive projects government agencies address, whether it&rsquo;s adopting new technology or redesigning a process. Employees are encouraged to take small, incremental steps to adopt change and iterate.</p> <p>But cybersecurity, in many ways, is different.</p> <p>Bold&mdash;not incremental&mdash;changes are necessary to address the current government cyberattack landscape. Check out our latest eBook to understand how to ready yourself and your agency for its next cyber incident.</p>

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