Digital Government

$100 million of TMF funding tagged for customer experience projects

The money, coming from the $1 billion investment in TMF made by the American Rescue Plan Act, will help implement the executive order on customer experience.

Pandemic response watchdogs urge agencies to focus on ID theft

Federal agencies need to contend with outdated tech, identity proofing and data issues while also helping identity fraud victims, inspectors general told a House panel on Tuesday.

IRS launched tax credit website without authority to operate, watchdog reports

The agency's CIO told auditors that the short-lived problem arose from a 'one-time user error'.

White House developing national strategy to increase data collection as privacy tech improves

A pending national strategy on data collection and analytics will focus on regulation and policy changes, according to a request for public comments.

TMF looks to measure more than just cost savings

The board of the Technology Modernization Fund is looking to support projects that impact the public through improved customer experience, Executive Director Raylene Yung said Thursday.

Why you need your boss's boss to embrace agile

It's not usually the tech that's the difficult part of user experience work, government technologists say, but getting senior leaders to advocate to help clear organizational roadblocks.

Momentum and money

Why GSA's Robin Carnahan is excited by the current push to modernize government services for the 21st century.

GAO tags unemployment insurance as 'high risk'

The government watchdog says more than $78 billion in improper unemployment insurance payments were made in fiscal year 2021, and cited fraud, poor customer service, inequitable access, legacy tech and staffing shortages as key drivers of failure.

EEOC will keep online mediation around post-Covid

The EEOC had to offer mediation sessions online because of the pandemic and the agency wants to keep the virtual option for the future.

USDA launches outreach project for key nutrition program

The WIC program struggles with participation and retention rates, but a new push is afoot to identify eligible recipients.

Nava looks to APIs to standardize federated benefits programs

Digital services firm Nava is starting a new demo project with the WIC program with the goal of showing the potential of an API standard for modernizing across the state-run program.

Cities that hyped crypto are now contending with the crash

This month's cryptocurrency market meltdown is raising new questions about how far local governments and public officials should go getting involved with the virtual asset.

Federal CIO: The tech is 'the easy part' of improving CX

Blockers to implementing service improvements frequently center around policy and process requirements, top tech officials said at the Code for America Summit on Tuesday.

Postal Service should 'act swiftly' to scale up identity services, IG says

USPS is working with the General Services Administration on more in-person options for, according to a new whitepaper from the U.S. Postal Service's Inspector General.

Federal officials caution employers on using AI in hiring

The Justice Department and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are sounding the alarm about the potential for AI human resources tools to discriminate against individuals with disabilities.

ICE has assembled a 'surveillance dragnet' with facial recognition and data, report says

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has used facial recognition to search through the driver's license photos of one in three adults in the U.S., according to a new report by Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology.

Federal CIO talks customer experience

Clare Martorana says that the government is working with the private sector to measure how it delivers products and services as part of an effort to improve the experiences Americans have with government services.