A ‘stronger, faster’ intelligence community is possible with AI

But caution is needed to make sure the technology doesn’t go off the rails.

The future of zero trust is about more than thwarting hackers, officials say

Defense Department officials noted that while progress has been made on deploying zero trust architecture on their networks, its capabilities don't stop with identity management.

FCW Insider Chat: Defense Tech

Fed100 winners Caroline Bean of DISA’s Joint Enterprise Services Directorate and Air Force Chief Experience Officer Colt Whittall join the podcast to talk about their work. 

DOD plans free software tools to support cyber compliance by small biz

The Department of Defense wants to bolster the number of small contractors it does business with, so it's planning to debut a series of free software tools to make it easier to work with industry.

A classified cloud is headed to the Indo-Pacific

It’s part of DISA’s effort to bring continental-U.S.-level computing resources to U.S. military forces around the world.

Pentagon CIO warns against pause in AI development

John Sherman warned that a pause in U.S. development of AI tools and research could potentially give overseas adversaries an upper hand.

DOD CIO touts a ‘pipeline’ of JWCC task orders and future zero trust options 

Pentagon CIO John Sherman said the new Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract will be part of a “choose your own adventure” strategy for zero trust adoption in the Defense Department. 

Pentagon network chiefs are putting automation to work

Tireless cyber tools can patrol parts of DOD’s networks, tools, and applications where hackers like to hide.

DISA seeks toolkit to implement a key piece of its zero trust framework

The Defense Department's information technology agency is asking for info on software products for a potential contract to support its Comply-to-Connect Program.

Army looks to bring $22B headset program into production in 2025

After years of delays and program adjustments, the Army has a new time frame for rolling out its augmented reality headset to troops.

AFRL wants white papers for $500M quantum information science solicitation

The Air Force’s scientific research component issued a broad agency announcement calling for the research, design and development of quantum technology.

DOD components on the clock to certify compliance with classified access rules in the wake of Discord leaks

Defense agencies have until May 2 to ensure IT systems are in compliance with a Defense Department memo outlining procedures for safeguarding classified materials.

Space Force should look to the private sector to fill data gaps, watchdog says

The Space Force currently has blindspots in its understanding of objects in space that can potentially be resolved with the help of a growing commercial sector, a new report says.

21-year-old Air Force IT specialist charged with leaking classified documents

A team of Justice and FBI agents arrested 21-year-old Jack Teixeira in Massachusetts in connection with the widespread intel leak.

Inside the never-ending race to update the Pentagon’s IT

The Joint Service Provider, charged with handling the defense secretary’s IT, is laser-focused on improving security and making sure infrastructure doesn’t obstruct the mission.

Pentagon lags on software buying reforms, GAO says

A GAO report has found that DOD has yet to implement several recommendations from advisory boards towards achieving its modernization goals.