Senate chairman presses for details on deleted Jan. 6 texts

Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, wants officials to explain what they know about the deletion of texts potentially relevant to ongoing inquiries into the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection and why seemingly routine records management directives were ignored.


Cyber Safety Review Board staffs up

The chair of the Cyber Safety Review Board has ambitious goals for the organization following its public review of the Log4j software vulnerability.

Digital Government

Agencies are still wrangling over death data

Information about deaths is a key part of administering programs like Social Security, but how data is collected and shared comes with questions.

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Network Modernization: A Stepping-Stone to the Future

This article outlines some important steps agencies can take to help clarify and simplify the work to modernizing their networks.


Former CISA chief wants a new, cross-cutting new agency to lead federal cyber

Chris Krebs wants to establish a new agency to focus on privacy, data and cyber risks facing the U.S., or to pull the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency from under the Department of Homeland Security.


The Army is hunting for more soldier-connected tech

A recent solicitation calls for soldier-centered networking and information technology that will link existing and prototype technologies together.


Biden signs semiconductor Bill, spurring hopes for new jobs and manufacturing around the U.S.

The $54.2 billion measure drew broad support from local leaders, who believe their regions could benefit. “We need to make these chips here in America," the president said.


Top malware of 2021 has been in use for years, CISA Warns

The advisory highlights that such usage offers “opportunities to better prepare” and provides recommendations to mitigate cybersecurity threats.

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Nextgov Ebook: IT Modernization Mission

This Nextgov ebook highlights how agencies are tapping new funds to ditch legacy systems and address gaps in cybersecurity and service delivery.

Digital Government

IRS free file figures into Senate Dems' reconciliation bill

Questions about the tax agency's capacity to deliver and support a public online tax filing system.

Digital Government

VA systems vulnerable to cyber intrusions due to lack of effective oversight, report says

The Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General's office said the agency is "leaving its systems vulnerable to compromise by impostors who may gain access to protected information."

IT Modernization

VA names functional champion to help streamline embattled EHR rollout

The selection of Dr. David Massaro to the senior role fills out the leadership team of the VA office tasked with “processing and resolving patient care concerns” related to the agency's new electronic health record system


The Pentagon’s plan to speed up software buying for weapons systems

The DOD’s dedicated software acquisition pathway is nearly two years old, and is already being used by a few dozen programs.


Senate Dems have joined the push to block a Schedule F revival

As Republican groups discuss plans to reinstitute the controversial plan to strip tens of thousands of federal workers of their civil service protections, congressional Democrats have renewed their efforts to block it.


Finance sector looks to block cyber reporting rules for critical industry in House defense bill

Congress will return from the August recess faced once again with the challenge of building cybersecurity policy for private providers of critical infrastructure faster than industry can tear it down.


Coding it Forward fellows share their stories

Two college students planning careers in tech told Steve Kelman why they chose to prioritize government service.


Misinformation campaigns and threats are undermining confidence in U.S. elections, official says

CISA is ramping up efforts to defend voting systems from outside intrusion, but the spread of online misinformation and threats against election officials still damage faith in the electoral process.


DOD failing to track progress on military alternatives to GPS, GAO says

A new report says military leaders don’t have enough information to make crucial decisions about ongoing efforts to develop alternatives to the Global Positioning System.


DHA names ineligible companies for $1.5B IT contract

The Defense Health Agency is looking to weed out potential conflicts of interest before they could arise.